short bio
Olaf M. Maennel
address School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology.
The University of Adelaide
Ingkarni Wardli 4.18
Adelaide, SA, 5000, Australia


01.04.1997 - 08.05.2002
Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany
08.05.2002, Diplom (MSc) · Major: computer science · Minor: psychology

09.05.2002 - 31.07.2002
wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (PhD student)
Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany

01.08.2002 - 31.10.2005
wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (PhD student)
Technische Universität München, Germany

Dr. rer. nat. (PhD)
Technische Universität München, Germany
Thesis:Handling the complexity of BGP  —  via characterization, testing and configuration management
Advisor: Prof. Anja Feldmann, Ph.D.
Committee: Reader Timothy G. Griffin, Ph.D. and Prof. Bernd Brügge, Ph.D.
Grade:summa cum laude

professional experience

1.11.2005 - 30.04.2008
Senior Research Associate (Post-Doc)
School of Mathematical Science, University of Adelaide, South Australia
Affiliated with the Teletraffic Research Centre (TRC), and Centre for Defence Communications and Information Networking (CDCIN).

26.05.2008 - 31.08.2009
Senior Research Associate (Post-Doc)
T-Labs & TU-Berlin, Germany
I was a visiting researcher at IIJ Innovation Institute in Tokyo from May until August 2009.

01.09.2009 - 30.06.2014
Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Loughborough University, UK

01.07.2014 - 31.01.2023
Full Professor for Cyber Security
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Since 01.02.2023
Professor for Computer Science
The University of Adelaide, School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Australia

I was probation advisor to Peter Bull (2013/14), and postgraduate admissions tutor at Loughborough (2013/14). Furthermore, I am now responsible for international admissions at Tallinn University of Technology (2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19). For the Cyber Security MSc program at TTU we typically have about 250-300 suitable applications each year. Unfortunately, we can only offer 40 places to international students. We are conducting Skype Interviews with suitable candidates before admissions.

2002-2005 MSc students @ TUM (responsible examiner Anja Feldmann)
  • Sara Bürkle (BGP convergence analysis)
  • Andreas Hartl (Examining BGP update dynamics using network simulation)
  • Wolfgang Mülhbauer (Towards Reproducing Inter-Domain AS Paths)
  • Andreas Merkel (Analysis and Simulation of Network Anomalies)
  • ... and assisted in the supervision of others.

2009/10 MSc students @ Loughborough
  • 01. Roshan HareendraBabu (The A+P Approach to IPv4 Addressing Extension- Evaluation Methodologies)
  • 02. Nurudeen K. Abdulsalam (BGP Security)
  • 03. Fatma Al-Moqbali (Feasibility of IP identifier as an alarm system for network operator)
  • 04. Ali H. AlKhamis (Compare performance of IPv6 and IPv4)
  • 05. Oluwole Samuel Shoyinka (Detecting IPv6 issues in operational networks)
  • 06. Askar Jaboldinov (Internet Measurements - a question of visibility?)
  • 07. Adedayo Bakenne (Route Flap Damping and the slow Internet)

2010/11 MSc students @ Loughborough
  • 08. Aidos Tauanov (Evaluating BGP Add-Path in Virtual Networks)
  • 09. Hao Fang (Large-scale Network Emulation)
  • 10. Jozef Woods (Analysis of IPv4-to-IPv6 Transition Mechanisms)
  • 11. Sujin Christudas-Santhakumari (Setup large emulated networks)
  • 12. Sohaib Imran (Routing analysis of exchange points)
  • 13. Rongzheng Wang (Answering what-if-questions with AutoNetKit in virtualized and emulated network environments)
  • 14. Wen-Chi Huang (BGP security)
  • 15. Saurabh Jha (Detecting IPv6 issues in operational networks)

2011/12 MSc students @ Loughborough
  • 16. Konstantinos Stamou (Evaluation of Data Link Layer Attacks in Virtualized Environment)
  • 17. Hussein Habibu Mbaruku (Analysis of IXPs Inter-domain Routing)
  • 18. Ilias Pallikarakis (A Study in TCP/BGP Session Security)
  • 19. Mehdi Mousavi (Internet Modelling from a Stub Autonomous System’s point of view through a virtual model)

2012/13 MSc students @ Loughborough
  • 20. Ahmed Alghamdi (Cyber Defence Exercises setups) best MSc student in 2012/13
  • 21. Zahra Al-Siyabi (CDX setups)
  • 22. Osariase Idubor (Intrusion Detection Systems)
  • 23. Alexandros Poullidis (IPv6)
  • 24. Oliver Fletcher (webRTC)
  • 25. Bowen Liu (BGPsec for C-BGP)

2013/14 MSc students @ Loughborough
  • 26. Udoka Ezealor (Setting up a malware lab)
  • 27. Jaina Prajapati (Network Debugging)
  • 28. Abrar Mohamed (IPv4 transition / Nejc's AP64)
  • 29. Nawal Al Balushi (Evaluating Network Design)
  • 30. Ogechukwu Egonu (Scoring with VIRL)
  • 31. Fiona Hughes (Investigating the Balance Between Privacy and Security)

2014/15 MSc students (June defenses) @ TalTech
  • 32. Ragnar Kreis (Smart Contracts)

2015/16 MSc students (January defenses) @ TalTech
  • 33. Panagiotis Marzelas (A Social Media Honeypot Method To Detect Spearphishing)

2015/16 MSc students (June defenses) @ TalTech
  • 34. Camilo Andres Pantoja Viveros (Analysis of the Cyber Attacks against ADS-B Perspective of Aviation Experts)
  • 35. Ferenc Szalai (Does Cyber Security Exercise Information Sharing Work?
  • 36. Florian Gasteiger (R3AD - An architecture to include UAVs in national Airspace)
  • 37. Luis Carlos Herrera Velasquez (A Comprehensive Instrument for Identifying Critical Information Infrastructure Services) - best ICT thesis award!
  • 38. Morteza Fakoorrad (Application Layer of Software Defined Networking: pros and cons in terms of security)
  • 39. Santiago Andres Sarmiento Bernal (Detection solution analysis for simplistic spoofing attacks in commercial mini and micro UAVs)
  • 40. Sho Yano (Security Analysis on Healthcare IoT Project)

2016/17 MSc students (January defenses) @ TalTech
  • 41. Jens Getreu (Forensic-Tool Development with Rust)
  • 42. Kaspar Prei (Measuring Personnel Cyber Security Awareness Level Through Phishing Assessment)
  • 43. Wael AbuSeada (Alternative approach to automate detection of DOM-XSS vulnerabilities)

2016/17 MSc students (June defenses) @ TalTech
  • 44. Neslisah Celik (Anomaly Detection Using Locked Shields Logs)
  • 45. Ahmed Nafies Okasha Mohamed (A New Heuristic Based Phishing Detection Approach Utilizing Selenium Web-driver)

2017/18 MSc students (January defenses) @ TalTech
  • 46. Tiiu Mamers (The Art and Science of Information Security Investments for small Firms)
  • 47. Silvia Väli (Analysis of Electron-based Applications to Identify XSS Flaws to RCE in Open-Source Applications)

2017/18 MSc students (June defenses) @ TalTech
  • 48. Amirhossein Akbari (A Novel Approach for Securing HTML5 Client-Side Database IndexedDB)
  • 49. Andres Rauschecker (User-Oriented Privacy EnHancements for Web-Browsers)
  • 50. Karl Mendelman (Fingerprinting a Organization Using Metadata of Public Documents)
  • 51. Kaspar Jüristo (How to Conduct Email Phishing Experiments) (co-supervised with Sten Mäses)
  • 52. Lejla Islami (Assessing generational differences in susceptibility to Social Engineering attacks. A comparison between Millennial and Baby Boomer generations)
  • 53. Moira Gabriella Nguegaum (A Structured Approach to the Identification of IPv6 Vulnerabilities in IPv4-Only Local Area Networks)
  • 54. Romet Saaliste (Estonian Government Related Challenges in Protection of Personal Data)
  • 55. Stefano Panarese (Nessuno: A Friend-To-Friend Anonymous Communication Protocol)

2018/19 MSc students (Januar defenses) @ TalTech
  • 56. Mikk Romulus (Security Testing Estonian Contactless Bank Cards)

2018/19 MSc students (June defenses) @ TalTech
  • 57. Kristine Hovhannisyan (Applying Confidence-Building Measures to Cyber Conflict: Computer Emergency Response Cooperation and Cyber Espionage)
  • 58. Krishna Vaishnav (How Indian Political Parties are Using Facebook and Twitter to Reach Voters' WhatsApp Accounts)
  • 59. Alberto Zorrilla Garza (BEACONLEAK: Use and Detection of 802.11 Beacon Stuffing as a Covert Channels)

2019/20 MSc students @ TalTech
  • 60. Kristian Kivimägi (Predicting Students' Success Using Technical Labs as Part of University Admission to a Cyber Security Program)
  • 61. Ilja Smarjov (OWASP Secure Coding Practices Checklist and Training: Assessment of Effectiveness in a Technology Company)
  • 62. Illia Petrash (User Behaviour During COVID-19 from the Perspective of a Telco Server)
  • 63. Marvin Uku (Evaluation Method for Smart Home and Smart Grid Authentication Protocols)
  • 64. Andrew James Roberts (Digital Forensic Real-Time Logging of Robotic Operating System Based Autonomous Self-Driving Vehicle Platforms)
  • 65. Ayaka Uehara (Security Investigation of The TalTech Smart Lift)
  • 66. Juri Kononov (Network Policy Management in Service Rich Environment)
  • 67. Martin Chmelar (Utilizing Mitre att&ck to Create Adversary Reports of Live-fire Cybersecurity Exercises for Feedback Purposes)
  • 68. Mykyta Zaitsev (Developing Learning Pathways for Massive Open Online Courses by the Example of the Rangeforce Cyberskills Training Platform)

2020/21 MSc students (June and August defences) @ TalTech
  • 69. Dariana Khisteva (A Proposal of Integrating Open-Source IDS into Vessel's Bridge Network)
  • 70. Stanislav Mekinulashvili (Sniffing Encrypted BLE Traffic After Changing Connection Parameters, Using Low-Cost Hardware that Captures Only One Channel at a Time)
  • 71. Tino Apostolovski (Design and Implementation of a Secure Protocol for Communication between ATC and Drone Pilot)
  • 72. Gulkhara Babayeva (Domain Ontology for Cyber Defense Exercises)

2020/21 MSc students (June and August defences) @ EAVA
  • 73. Maria-Elizabeth Rüütel (Developing simulation exercises to counter cyber threats in controller pilot data link communications) - cosupervisor, main supervisor was Nele Tootsi

2022 MSc students (June defences) @ TalTech
  • 74. Tomoya Tanaka (Development of Ids/ips specifically designed for etsi its-g5 v2x communication)

2023 MSc students (June defences) @ TalTech
  • 75. Ayooluwa Samuel Ayoola (Phishing Campaigns and Security Awareness Training in a Sport Betting Company)
  • 76. Luisa Caretta Hopp (Application of the Metagraph to the Aviation Supply Chain: A Case Study)

Ph.D. committee member for: (internal or external examiner)
I have been PhD supervisor, examiner/opponent or committee-member in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK, and USA.
  • Talal Edwan (22 September 2010)
    "Improved Algorithms for TCP Congestion Control"
    Committee: Jon Crowcroft (external), and myself (internal)
  • Andreas Wundsam (15 July 2011)
    "Towards Improved Control and Troubleshooting for Operational Networks"
    Committee: Laurent Mathy (external), Anja Feldmann (internal), and myself (external opponent)
  • Lee Booi Lim (08 September 2011)
    "Network Delay Control Through Adaptive Queue Management"
    Committee: Irfan Awan (external), and myself (internal)
  • Stephen D. Strowes (11 January 2012)
    "Compact Routing for the Future Internet"
    Committee: Jeremy Singer (head), Lewis Mackenzie (internal), and myself (external opponent)
  • Laurent Vanbever (private 31 Aug 2012, public 04 Oct 2012)
    "Handling network reconfiguration"
    Committee: Olivier Bonaventure (supervisor), Christophe De Vleeschouwer (chair), Yves Deville (secretary), Bruno Quoitin (external), Anja Feldmann (external) and myself (external opponent)
  • Gregor Schaffrath (02 Nov 2012)
    "Virtual Network Management"
    Committee: Laurent Mathy (external), Anja Feldmann (internal), and myself (external opponent)
  • Debbie Perouli (18 Feb 2013)
    "Methods for Safe, Flexible and Secure Policy Based Routing"
    Committee: Kihong Park, Charlie Hu, Tim Griffin (external), Sonia Fahmy (advisor), and myself (advisor)
  • Xavier Misseri (10 Oct 2013)
    "Enabling inter-domain path diversity"
    Committee: Jean-Louis Rougier (advisor), Oliver Bonaventure (advisor), Chadi Barakat, Peter Reichl, Jordi Domingo-Pascual, Maurice Gagnaire, myself (external opponent)
  • Nejc Skoberne (Nov 2013)
    "A Functional and Performance-Oriented Comparison of Transition Mechanisms for Internet Transition from IPv4 to IPv6 Protocol"
    Committee: Mojca Ciglaric (advisor), Zoran Bosnic, Andrej Kos, and myself.
  • Andra Lutu (Oct 2014)
    "A System for the Detection of Limited Visibility in BGP"
    Advisor: Marcelo Bagnulo Braun. I served as "international expert" reviewer.
  • Rahul Hiran (Dec 2016)
    "Collaborative Network Security: Targeting Wide-area Routing and Edge-network Attacks"
    Advisor: Nahid Shahmehri. External opponent: myself. Committee members: Tuomas Aura, Jacob L�fvenberg, Per Gunningberg.
  • Andres Ojamaa (Dec 2016)
    "Software Technology for Cyber Security Simulations"
    Advisor: Enn T�ugu; Jaan Penjam. I was a member of the examination committee, head was Jüri Vain. Opponents: Margus Veanes, Christian Czosseck.
  • Markku Antikainen (Jan 2017)
    "Security in Emerging Networking Technologies -- Views on Internet of Things and Software-Defined Networking"
    Advisor: Tuomas Aura. External opponent: myself. Preliminary examiners: Stefan Schmid, Panos Papadimitratos.
  • Dinesha Ranathunga (Feb 2017)
    "Auto-configuration of Critical Network Infrastructure"
    Advisor: Matthew Roughan. External opponent: myself.
  • Antti Hakkala (autumn 2017)
    "On Security and Privacy for Networked Information Society -- Observations and Solutions for Security Engineering and Trust Building in Advanced Societal Processes"
    Advisor: Seppo Virtanen. opponent: myself.
  • Külli Sarna (15. Nov 2018)
    "Aspect-Oriented Model-Based Testing"
    Advisor: Jüri Vain. opponents: Juha Plosila & Artem Boyarchuk. Chair of committee: myself.
  • Obi Akonjang (21. Dec 2018)
    "ISP Traffic Management via Flow Optimization"
    Advisor: Anja Feldmann, Georgios Smaragdakis. opponent: myself.
  • Evelin Halling (10. May 2019)
    "Scenario Oriented Model-Based Testing"
    Advisor: Jüri Vain. opponents: Dragos Truscan, Anatoliy Gorbenko. Chair of committee: myself.
  • Gert Kanter (03. July 2020)
    "Model-based Testing Framework for Autonomous Multi-Robot Systems"
    Advisor: Jüri Vain. opponents: Dragos Truscan, Anatoliy Gorbenko. Chair of committee: myself.
  • Koen Pieter Tange (09. Feb 2022)
    "Secure and Efficient Protocols for the IIoT — Adapting PTP and TLS to meet IIoT constraints and requirements"
    Advisor: Nicola Dragoni and Xenofon Fafoutis. opponents: Angelo Spognardi and myself. Chair of committee: Michael Reichhardt Hansen.
  • Shweta Suran (26 May 2022)
    "A Generic Framework for Collective Intelligence Systems"
    Advisor: Dirk Draheim, Ingrid Pappel, Alexander Norta. opponents: Gerhard Schwabe (University of Zurich), Anna De Liddo (The Open University Milton Keynes). Chair of the committee: myself. Committee members: Tara Ghasempouri, Innar Liiv, Priit J�rv.
  • Xinhui ("Anna") Lai (17. June 2022)
    "Approaches to Extra-Functional Verification of Security and Reliability Aspects in Hardware Designs"
    Advisor: Maksim Jenihhin and Jaan Raik. opponents: Maria K. MICHAEL (University of Cyprus) and Zainalabedin NAVABI (University of Tehran). Chair of the committee: myself. Committee members: Alvo Aabloo, Samuel Nascimento Pagliarini, and Leonidas Tsiopoulos.
  • Collins Burton Mwakwata (21. June 2022)
    "Scheduling in Radio Resource Management for Massive Machine-Type Communications"
    Advisor: Muhammad Mahtab Alam and Yannick Le Moullec, opponents: Luca Reggiani, Qammer Abbasi. Chair of the committee: myself. Committee members: Olev M�rtens, Ivo M��rsepp, Rein Sabolotny, and Jeffrey Andrew Tuhtan.

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